Best Baby Bath Tub Reviews (2018) and Buyer’s Guide

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Everyone wants the best baby bath tub for their kids. Bath tubs aid in the bathing of your baby. They help the baby and the mother to be comfortable during the baby bathing period. It is also an easier means of teaching your baby how to bath themselves without worry that they will drown. These top rated baby bath tub reduce competition due to their different range of differences. All baby bath tub are made differently and for different ages.
There are a variety of baby tub in the market to choose from. Many people think that all baby tubs are the same, well, you are wrong. Some baby bath tubs stand out from the rest due to some definite features. Bath tubs vary in color, size, price, shape, some have baby bath seats while others don’t, some are baby bath with showers while others lack showers and some are portable baby tubs while others aren’t and others are inflatable baby tubs. All these features in reference to what suits your baby needs, will help you narrow down to your best bath tub choice amongst the many options in the market.

This article highlights the top 10 baby bath tubs in 2018 to help ease your decision making process on which baby bath tub to choose.


10 Best Baby Bath Tubs  Comparison Chart

Product NameColorAgeInterested
Fisher-price-4-in-1Multi-color0-9 monthsCheck price
4momsWhite0-6 monthsCheck price
Fisher-priceFisher-price Pink sparklesPink sparkles 0-6 monthsCheck price
Blooming bathturquoise0-6 monthsCheck price
The first yearsBlue0-9 monthsCheck price
ShnuggleWhite with pink0-12 monthsCheck price
InflatableBlue and white6 -36 monthsCheck price
Puj TubGrey0-6 monthsCheck price
Puj Flytewhite0-6 monthsCheck price
PRIMO EurobathPearl white, blue0-24 monthsCheck price

Buyer’s guide –  Best Baby Bath Tub

There are a number of reasons why many parents choose to go for the best baby bath tub. These reasons include comfort, safety and hygiene purposes.  Additionally, it is necessary that you have an idea of the various types of baby bath tubs in the market. They include;

Convertible baby bath tub-this is one of the baby tubs as it grows with the baby. Can be converted to different positions and sizes to maximize on your baby’s comfort.

 Standard plastic baby bath tub-this is among the most common as well as cheap baby bath tub. The plastic material is safe for babies, some come featuring a baby seat and non-slip surface for more safety.

Hammock baby bath tub-suitable for infants who can’t support themselves. Very nice for first time mothers as safety is key in this kind. It’s made up of soft and comfortable. It can also be added on the standard plastic bath tub as an accessory, for more safety and comfort. Other types of this bath tubs are sling and bath seats,

Fold up tub-This is a collapsible bath tub that can be folded after use. They are relatively smaller when compared to other bath tubs and are suitable when travelling as well.

Cushion bath tub-These are usually made as additions on your current bath tub for comfort. Works by providing a cushion layer between the tub and the baby enhancing efficient and convenient baby bathing.

Bucket bath tub– Designed so that your baby can be more upright by promoting a sit-up type of bathing rather than the normal laying down. It is difficult to reach some baby body parts, not suitable for older children and most are made of plastic. They are very durable altogether.

Inflatable bath tub– requires to be filled with air so that it can acquire a bath tub shape. Suitable for vacation or trips as it is portable and occupies little storage space. It is relatively cheap and long lasting, all you need to do is ensure proper storage to prevent puncture.

Luxury baby bath tub-These are new in the market in need to satisfy parents seeking to spoil their liitle ones. Most are expensive d come with extra features like battery powered option, and swirl water while bathing your baby. With others, you may get a mini shower nozzle for baby rinsing during birth.

Choosing the baby tub may seem like an easy task until the parents get to the store and find a wide range of baby bath tubs available. The factors listed below can help you choosing the best for your baby.

Factors to consider when buying the best baby bath tub

Some baby bath tubs have features that help in the regulation of the water temperature to avoid being too hot or being too cold for the baby. Most of the baby bath tubs have temperature indicators while others are s advanced technologically that they have digital temperatures that state when the water is too hot or too cold. The digital indicator will break the water temperature immediately while the sticker is too slow to indicate the exact temperatures.
Storage This is another major factor to consider before buying a baby bath tub. Consider the storage space in your house. Some of the best baby bath tubs come with a hook that allow you to hook on the wall that saves the house space. Others are the folding baby bath tubs that can be folded and stored in a closet after use without taking up much space.

Inspect the baby bathing accessories that may hold water like toys and other baby clothes, dry them completely to ensure no mold and mildew growth occurs.
Size The main advantage of large baby bath tub is that it offers enough space for easier bathing of the baby as compared to the small baby bath tub. Babies will always feel more comfortable in spacious bath tubs. Also the size of the bath tub choice will be automatically influenced by the size of the baby which means the smaller the baby the smaller the bath tub. Additionally, since the larger bath tubs are meant for bigger and most definitely heavier baby, they are stronger and thus lasts longer than small baby tubs. On the other hand, check to buy a baby bath tub that is slightly bigger that the baby to avoid throwing it away once the baby outgrows it which is not cost effective.

Drainage This means the easy flow of water out of the baby tub. Some of the baby bath tubs are equipped with drain plugs that you unplug and water flows out. Once the baby has taken a bath, the other thing left is to drain the used water. A bath tub with a good drainage enhances proper hygiene due to proper cleaning of the tub and ensures comfort of baby and eases the parent’s work. After draining all water, store the baby bath tub facing down to promote complete drying.

Safety When considering safety issues, most people look out on the safety of the baby in terms of baby bath aid items like baby bath sponge, is it soft on the body, does the tub have a seat that a baby can be washed on without sliding, is the material used safe and if the edges are well finished so that the baby isn’t hurt when they hold onto them among other factors. The safety of the baby also includes how to the temperatures control features of the bathtub are. The surface of the bath tub should be put into consideration, ensure it is not slippery. Most manufacturers offer a non-slip surface for the bath tub.

Easy to maintain It is good that you find an easy to clean baby bath tub as this promotes hygiene and cuts on maintenance fee in case of blockage and breakdown. There are a variety of products in the market today that have less crevices. This means that they are easy to clean and dry. This kind of baby bath tubs make pots bath time fast and easy saving you time and energy to go do other house chores.

Our Favorite Top 10 Baby Bath Tub Reviews

#01. Fisher-price 4-in-1 Sling N’ Seat Tub, Multi color

This is the best baby bath tub in the market. The product comes with a squeeze bottle and a whale scoop for play or rinsing. The shipping weight is 5.6 pounds. With this product, the minimum weight it can accommodate is 1 pound and maximum is 25 pounds. It’s made of plastic and does not require any batteries. Additionally, this item is certified frustration-free. It is suitable for babies between the ages of 0-9 months.

Features and Specification

This item can be imported and is made up of plastic material. It is a 4-stage convertible bath center with a squeeze bottle and a whale scoop to play with or rinse the baby gently.

Stage 1; soft mesh sling that is for newborns. Stage 2; also known as “baby stopper” that is an insert that helps prevent the sliding and slipping of the baby when being bathed. Stage 3; Sit-me-up support that aids who are unsteady sitters to seat well in the tub. Stage 4; Roomy toddler tub.

This item is equipped with plug drain and also has a hook. The baby bath tub puts the baby in a gentle recline on a soft-foam surface, this helps prevent sliding and slipping and thus making baby bath times less stressful to both the parent and the baby.

Performance and Benefits

The item is made up of 4- stage convertible bath center. This is a feature that makes it one of the best newborn bath tub in the market and best infant tub as well. Also this feature makes it very cost effective as you do not have to buy a bath tub for your growing baby. From toddlers to sit-up baby’s stages, you can use this same baby bath tub through all those stages.

Fisher price bath tub comes with a plug for easier drainage and cleaning of the tub. This promotes hygiene and prolongs life by preventing clogging and blockage. The item also comes with hooks that you can hang it to enable easy drying and saves space.

  • Convertible
  • easy to clean
  • equipped with toy and squeeze bottle
  • space saving
  • cost saving
  • Sling may develop mold
  • expensive
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#02. 4Moms Infant Tub, White

4moms is a baby tub improved from the traditional infant tubs. The item weighs 3.6 pounds and it uses AA batteries that lasts up to 360 hours. It is certified frustration free and has an LCD display type with a 3 inches screen display size. The 4moms creates a high tech baby gear that puts into consideration pain points, a factor that the competitors fails to address. The manufacturers used consumer insights, innovative designs, robotics and technology to develop well advanced baby bath tub.

Features and Specification

The 4moms baby tub has a unique design and a meticulous white colour. In addition in has an LCD display screen of 3 inches. This means it has a new and updated modern with features same as the original tub. The tub allows for clean water to be reserved with a good depth of 32 inches.

This is one of the best infant bath tub as it has a digital thermometer with color-coded temperature display. The bath tub has a good size measuring 32 x 9 x 16.8 inches. Additionally it features a rinse cap and an integrated rinse cup holder.

Performance and Benefits

It has a unique design and constant flow of clean water and a clean water reservoir to ensure better, cleaner and a more comfortable bath for the baby. The tub has side drains for easier draining of dirty water after bath and easier cleaning. This item features a built in digital thermometer with a color coded temperature LCD display screen of 3 inches, to ensure that water temperatures are monitored and maintained at appropriate temperatures suitable for an enjoyable baby bath.

The 4moms infant tub comes in appropriate measurements that enables it to fit in most single and double sinks. In addition, the baby tub comes with a rinse cup together with an integrated cup holder for easy baby rinsing.

  • side drain available
  • inbuilt digital thermometer
  • clean water reservoir
  • fits in most single and double sinks
  • LCD display screen
  • Slippery on the inside
  • requires batteries
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#03. Fisher-Price Pink Sparkles Tub, One Size – best baby bathtub for newborns

This is unique newborn to toddler baby girl bath tub that is pink sparkle in color. It has a sling that supports the cradles of newborn comfortably and safely. The item weighs 3.75 pounds with dimensions of 30.5 x 18 x 8.5 inches. Fisher-Price tub is made up of lead free materials and no batteries are required to run it.

Features and Specification

The baby tub comes with a unique baby sling that supports the cradle of the youngest babies, it is so spacious and grows with the baby. The item comes with a baby stopper in tem.

Fisher-price tub also has two fun toys that come together in the package. It has a nice sparkle pink that is a nice and attractive color for baby girls.

Performance and Benefits

This is one of the best baby bath tub for newborns as it has a unique sling that supports newborns cradle for safety and comfort. In addition to that, fisher price tub has a design that helps you adjust the sling as the baby grows. As a toddler, you can adjust the sling to hand on narrow ends to offer reclining support and when she grows and needs more space, you can sit her on the wider end of the tub.

The tub comes equipped with fun toys that the baby can play with when bathing and the parent can use them to rinse the baby as well. These bath time accessories also include an infant head support. The fisher-price pink sparkle tub has a removable baby stopper that helps keep bigger infants secure and avoid sliding and slipping.

  • cost effective
  • attractive color
  • has a baby stopper
  • adjustable sling
  • room for baby to play
  • comes with some baby toys
  • Wobbly legs/need careful assembling
  • not deep enough
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#04. Blooming Bath-Baby Bath/ Bath tub ( turquoise)

This is an incredibly soft and cuddle material made baby bath tub. Has pedals that hug any sink to offer safety and comfort. The item weighs 1.2 pounds and measures 15 x 4 x 18 inches. The blooming bath is majorly made targeting female gender. The material that it is made of is BPA free, Lead free, Latex free and Phthalate free. Blooming bath tub has a washable material and not the ordinary plastic material. The tub can be washed on gentle cycle on a washing machine and hang to dry or tumble dry on low. It is not portable and no batteries are required. Suitable for babies between 0 and 6 months.

Features and Specification

This is one of the top rated baby bath tub as it is made of soft and cuddly material. The bath’s pedals hug and sink in your baby unlike the plastic ordinary bath tubs that are hard, uncomfortable and slippery.

The material that make up the bath tub are safe for your baby. All these make your baby bath worthwhile and fun. It is a great alternative for traditional bath tubs. Has a very accommodative size and unique design and color.

Performance and Benefits

Blooming bath tub is made up of soft, cuddly material that sinks in when the baby is placed to offer safe, comfortably and fun bathing time. It is made of material that is not harmful to our baby and they cradle and cushion your baby like no other. Using this bath tub is easy, hassle-free and unique experience that allows you to enjoy the bathing time for your infant.

This Blooming bath tub fits most sink sizes making it very convenient. In addition the Blooming baby tub has a very unique design and color that is attractive and suitable for babies.

  • soft and comfortable
  • compatible with most sinks
  • unique design and attractive color
  • safe and non-slippery
  • spacious for play and baby splash
  • water drainage is hard and time consuming
  • needs a machine for cleaning
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#05. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub, Blue

This blue baby bath tub is mommy favorite and one of top rated baby bath tubs. In fact it was voted best baby bath toddler in BabyCenter’s Moms’ Picks’ in 2014 awards. The item weighs 2.35 pounds and measures 29 x 15.2 x 9 inches. It is made up of BPA free material with no batteries required. This baby bath tub is made in a deep ergonomic design and comes the sling inside the tub. Suitable for newborn to toddler aged babies.

Features and Specification

The First Years baby bath tub is made in a deep ergonomic design. It also features a mesh sling and padded headrest. The bath tub also has mildew-resistant pads which are washable and dryable.

The baby tub is moms’ favorite as it grows with the baby, has space enough for toddlers to sit and play with the water. First years sure comfort tub features a special drain plug that changes colour to alert the parent on the temperatures of the water, if it’s too hot. This tub has a bump in it as well.

Performance and Benefits

This sure comfort deluxe baby tub comes with a sling therefore you do not have to purchase and incur those extra costs. The sling is made of mildew-resistant pads that are washable and dryable, making it easy to maintain and hygienic. The mesh sling has a padded headrest for maximum comfort, support and safety during baby bath time.

The tub is designed in a deep ergonomic design that holds the baby better for bathing. It also has a drain plug that changes color when the water is too hot for the baby, this is a necessary safety feature of the tub. The tub is cost effective and spacious, in that, it grows with the baby up to toddler stage where they can comfortably sit alone in the tub and splash and play. It has a form-fitting netting that provides security making bath time less stressing to both parents and the baby. Has a bump that prevents baby from sliding in the tub.

  • cost effective
  • safe and comfortable
  • mildew and slip resistant
  • heat sensitive drain plugs
  • spacious
  • grows with the baby
  • may be difficult cleaning all dents and bumps
  • sling won’t work for larger than usual babies
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#06. Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub– Compact Support Seat

The Shnuggle is a tub that is perfectly shaped to suit your baby right from birth up to when they reach 12 months old. This tub is among the top baby bath tubs as it won the international red dot design award. The item weighs 2.65 pounds and measures 23.6 x 15.2 x 13.8 inches. It is BPA free and no batteries required. The Shnuggle bath tub is small in size and lightweight. Made of a beautiful design suitable for babies.

Features and Specification

The Shnuggle bath tub features a beautiful design with smooth curves and a flowing roll top. In addition it has a compact size and only uses 2 litres of water. Its weight with water in it amounts to 7.3 pounds. It features appropriate dimensions and is spacious. It grown with your growing baby.

The Shnuggle features a bum bump, large, warm foam backrest and grippe non-slip feet. The size is relatively small and can be accommodated in bath, kitchen sink, in the shower and on the floor.

Performance and Benefits

The Shnuggle baby bath tub is made in a beautiful design with smooth curves for safety and easy cleaning. It also has a roll top shaped for our baby from birth up to 12 months. Shnuggle baby tub has an integrated bum bump that helps support the baby while they recline in early stages and for safety in later stages. The large foam backrest is warm to touch and soft making bath time more comfy and enjoyable for your little one.

It is small in size making it ideal for use anywhere without taking up much space and is lightweight makes it easy to carry anywhere even when filled with water. On the base of the tub, there are rubber for safety during baby bath time.

  • comfortable and warming backrest
  • smooth edges and attractive design
  • integrated baby bum
  • compact size and lightweight
  • non-slip feet on the base
  • baby may outgrow the tub quickly
  • may be hard to clean
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#07. Inflatable Baby Bath tub, Topist Portable Mini Air Swimming Pool Kid

This is a portable baby tub that you probably are looking for. It deflates and folds easily making it ideal for the constant travelers. Inflatable pump is bought separately. Needs to be inflated 80%- 85% while covering the nozzle. The item weighs 1.85 pounds and measures 5 x 4 x 1 inches. Does not require batteries to operate. It is suitable for babies between the ages of 6 and 36 months.

Features and Specification

This inflatable baby tub with an inflatable size of 90 x 60 x 30 cm. The inflatable baby tub fold compactly, it’s easy to drain, clean and store. This Topist Portable mini tub has enough space for your fast growing baby.

In addition, it features anti-skid design at the bottom of the tub and has an inner center cushion. This inflatable tub is spacious enough for even your 4 year old baby. Has a nice attraction blue and white color.

Performance and Benefits

It is inflatable making it easy to travel to trips and vacation with as it can be folded easily and packed without taking much space. It is easy to use as all you need is to inflate it and pour water in. This tub is designed with anti-skid design for safety of your baby. It also has a center cushion which ensures comfort of your baby during bath time.

As the little ones really grow up fast, this inflatable tub is the best baby bath tub, since it can accommodate a 4 year old kid. So that saves you costs of having to constantly upgrade your tub as the baby grows. It can be used outdoors in case you need to save on house space.

  • very portable and easily assembled
  • anti-skid design and cushion center
  • grows with the baby/ cost effective
  • spacious for baby to play
  • soft and comfortable
  • inflatable pump bought separately
  • temp gauge doesn’t work at all at times.
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#08. Puj Tub – The Soft , Foldable Baby Bath Tub – Newborn , Infant, 0-6 Months

Made of soft and comfortable material that is foldable to fit in the sink. The Puj Tub is mold resistant and BPA, PVC, Latex, Lead and Phthalate free material. The item weighs 1.7 pounds and dimensions of 25.2 x 26.2 x 1 inch. Can hold a minimum weight of 4 pounds and a maximum weight of 17 pounds. No batteries are required to operate it. Suitable for babies between ages 0-6 months.

Features and Specification

Made up of soft foam that folds and conforms to almost any sink. The foam is mold and mildew resistant as it does not absorb water. Puj Tub hangs flat when not is use and uses magnet to hold into its shape when bathing the baby.

It is a perfect gift for new parents as it allows them to wash the baby with both hands without having to lean forward, sit, squat or bend. Most suited for CS moms. Additionally, Puj Tub is made up of soft, non-slip PCS &BPA free material.

Performance and Benefits

The material used in the making of this tub is soft and comfortable for the baby to ensure an enjoyable bath. The material is foldable making it easy to carry from place to place. On top of that, the material is mildew and mold resistant, thus it will last longer and is hygienic for the baby.

This tub allows for the mom to use it without straining and facilitates parent-baby bonding as one can use both hands. The material used is safe for the baby, soft and warm as well to cushion the baby from the cold sink an offer extra comfort. The material used is foldable so as to fit in most sinks without much struggle. When not in use, the bath tub hangs flat making it easier and more convenient to store and dry out.

  • comfortable and soft
  • fits in most sinks
  • mold and mildew resistant
  • made of safe material
  • easy to clean and store
  • doesn’t fit in large sinks
  • baby outgrows the tub fast
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#09. Puj Flyte- Compact Infant Bath (white)

This bath tub is designed to offer better bathing experience for both the mother and the baby. It is compact and thus portable. It is made from soft yet durable material that is free of toxic Phthalates, PVC and BPA. It is ideal for sinks of between 16-19 inches width, 11-13 inches length and 4-6 inches deep/height. Item weighs 1.23 pounds and measures 23.5 x 10.5 x 1.5 inches. Can support a minimum weight of 1 pound and a maximum of 16.53 pounds. No batteries required.

Features and Specification

The Puj Flyte tub has a compact design and is made of non-absorbent material which dries up first and is easy to clean. The Tub is designed to fit a range of sink sizes. It is made up of safe from toxic, comfortable and lightweight material yet so durable.

It has a grippy texture and is small in size. Allows for bathing without bending or back straining. It is strong and can support babies who weigh up to 17 lbs. Can be simply cleaned by use of just water and soap.

Performance and Benefits

The tub is small, light and foldable thus makes it easier to travel with anywhere you want. It also allows a comfortable and enjoyably bonding bath time between the parent and the mother. This is because the parent can bath the baby using both hands.

The material is soft and fits most sinks thus shielding the baby from the cold sink. In addition, the material is easy to wash, dries up faster and s mold and mildew resistant. This ensures that every bath is on a clean and hygienic bath tub. The grippy texture ensures that the tub will not side in the sink and cause any harm to the baby.

  • easy to clean
  • portable and easy to store
  • soft and comfortable
  • mildew and mold resistant
  • safe material used
  • fits most sinks
  • Not suitable for larger sinks
  • small for larger than usual babies
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#10. PRIMO EuroBath , Pearl White

This is one of the best infant baby seat and bath tub. It is designed to make bath time fun, safe and convenient for the parent and baby. It is made up of material that is non-toxic and recyclable Polypropylene. The item weighs 6 pounds and measures 36 x 21 x 10 inches and does not require batteries. It is suitable for babies’ age 0-24 months with bathing position for infants and toddlers. It is the largest baby bath tub available in the market.

Features and Specification

The bath tub is made in a large anatomical shape. It is the largest available baby bath tub that grows with your baby. The tub is made up of toxic-free material. Has 2 positions to favor reclining infants and sitting toddlers.

The tub has a drain plug and safety posts on the tub. Can add a loop to hang on the wall when not in use, the loop is readily available in all hardware stores near you.

Performance and Benefits

Made in a large and spacious shape to offer room for the growing baby to bath and play. The anatomical shape helps the baby to stay in position in the tub without slipping under the water making it easier and enjoyable for both parent and baby. The material used is toxic free, this ensures that your baby’s health is not at stake.

Its large size is a plus as you will not need to keep replacing the tub for your fast growing baby. The space allows your baby top play and splash and have fun while bathing. The tub has a drain plug which makes it easier to drain dirty water after use and cleaning time.

  • spacious
  • easy to clean and drain
  • unique shape
  • Dual positioning
  • strong and durable
  • slip proof
  • too large for storage better when hanged
  • it is heavy compared to other baby bath tubs
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The Fisher-price 4-in-1 Sling N’ Seat Tub, Multi color is the highly recommended and best baby bath tub. It offers accommodative features for your growing baby up to 9 months. In addition it is multicolored thus not limiting you to gender based colors. In addition this tub comes with a drain plug and a hook for easier cleaning and storage. It is made of supper comfortable material for maximum comfort of you baby. Not forgetting the baby stopper feature that protects your baby from sliding in the water. The extra accessories that are in the package like the toy which can be used to rinse the baby is also a catch.


There is nothing as hectic and scary as baby bath time and especially for new moms. A comfortable bath time for the baby and mother maters a lot. Bath for babies promotes a good sleep which has overall health benefits hence safe and comfortable bath time for your baby is essential.

When choosing a baby bath time consider all the above factors. Additionally, check for other features that may be catchy for you and your budget. Things like a baby bath tub with shower. Avoid cheap baby bath tub that will cost you more in the long run. Instead, purchase the best baby bath products and the best baby bath tub that there is in the market. You little one deserves he best.


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