Best health tips for children

Best health tips for children in 2018

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Raising children is one of the most difficult tasks especially when it comes to deciding what to feed them. However, it is your duty as a parent to bring up healthy kids for their wellbeing and your peace of mind. You owe your child a good health which you can only achieve if you follow the best health tips for children in 2018.

Natural Food and Balanced Diet

A healthy diet and a good nutrition are essential for kids’ brain development. Start your kids’ day with a healthy breakfast full of proteins. A healthy breakfast will keep kids full for a better part of the day hence helps them avoid craving for unhealthy snacks. This will help them maintain a good weight especially for teenagers who may have the desire to maintain a good body. Make meal times a priority and take this time to bond with your children, talk about healthy diet and also watch their eating habits. A balanced diet consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products.

Best health tips for children

Minimal Sugar Intake

Many foods contain natural sugar making it a little hard to limit sugar intake. Your kids will consume all the sugar they need from natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and grains. Many other foods and snacks and beverages have added sugar which is unhealthy for your kids and the entire family. The excess sugar adds more calories to your kids’ body which can cause obesity, diabetes, hyperactivity among other disorders. Always ensure your kids limit sugar intake by avoiding drinks and foods with added sugar. These include bread, soft drinks such as sodas, sweets and fast food meals.

Avoid enforcing ‘Clean Plate’

Your children know when they have eaten enough. Their body tells them when they are full and they can’t continue eating. You don’t have to force them to clear their plate as this may make them overeat leading to more weight gain. Understand your children when they say they cannot eat anymore. Avoid enforcing the lean plate’ rule which results in a stressing meal time for kids. Your children do not need to clear a big plate, as long as they have a balanced diet, even a small portion can do them good.

Occasional Desserts

Do not deny your kids a chance for deserts once in a while. After all, they always see their peers eating sweets and they crave for it. If you deny them a taste of sweets they can take them when you are not around. Ensure they eat deserts once in a while. Don’t make it a habit though. Make them understand the effects of eating too much sweet. If you expose them to too many deserts they will get used to eating and may not give priority to other important meals. Act as a parent and enforce rules for them which they must follow as far as their health is concerned.

Frequent Meals

Kids tend to be more active as they are always running about hence making them use a lot of energy. These energy needs to be replaced every now and then and the only way to do this is when they eat frequently. Now frequent meals don’t mean you expose your children to lots of unhealthy snacks and fast foods which can expose them to more health problems. There are a lot of other healthy snacks full of nutrients that are essential for your kids’ development. They need all the energy they can get and they can only get this if they eat a healthy diet frequently.

Be on the Move

Children especially those in the teenage prefer spending most of their time indoors locked on the screen or on their computers. This is not a healthy habit as it promotes laziness and makes them unfit. Get them off the couch and encourage them to participate in outdoor activities that engage them physically and mentally. Create a list of outdoor activities that they should participate in such as sports during their free time. Always take them for tours during your free time or during their school holidays so as they enjoy their time outside the house.

Getting Enough Sleep

Children need as much sleep as they can for their brain development. In this age and error, kids will always want to participate in other activities such as parties or watching movies during the night. This denies them a chance to have a good sleep which is an essential health habit for them. Train your kids to always sleep early and wake up early so that their brains get used to eating. A normal kid should sleep for eight hours per day. Of course, younger kids need more sleep. Explain to them the importance of getting enough sleep to their health.

Preventing Cold and Flu

Children are always exposed to germs that can easily spread diseases. Their immune systems are not strong enough so cold and flu always gets them down easily. To avoid this, teach your kids important hygiene practices that help them stay clean and promote good health. Teach them to wash their hands often, before eating, after visiting the toilet and after playing. Explain to them why they should not share items such as toothbrushes, cups and other utensils with their friends. Teach them to cover their mouths when they sneeze or a cough to avoid spreading flu to their playmates.

Plenty of Water

Water is very important in our body as several body functions depend on it. Your body will not be able to digest food without water; excretion of unwanted substances also depends on water as well as blood circulation to the various parts of your body. Your kids should always stay hydrated and energized by drinking a lot of water every day. Complications such as constipation are very common with kids and the only way to avoid this is through enough water intake. Always ensure your kids carry a bottle of water with them when they go to school or out on any activities.

Kids Follow Adult Behavior

Kids are always imitative by nature and will not only copy your behavior but will also want to eat what they see you eating. You have to be a role model to your children and ensure what you eat is what you will want them to eat. Set a good example by eating healthy and practicing healthy habits. If you must eat something unhealthy such as taking alcohol, for instance, you should consider doing it away from your children. You should create a mirror image as far as your kid’s health is concerned.

Eating better for children

Most children tend to have a low appetite and will always come up with various excuses to skip meals especially the main meals. They always prefer snacks and deserts which are not healthy for them. Always ensure your children eat better by ensuring they eat enough and their food is full of nutrients such as vitamins, energy, iron and more. Make fruits and vegetables always part of their meals. Avoid processed food as they always contain excess sugar and fat which can lead to excess weight gain and various lifestyle diseases.

Being more active for children

Thanks to the digitalization error, children now spend most of their time glued to the television or surfing the internet. These kinds of children are always very dull, unfriendly and lazy. You probably don’t want to raise your child to be like this. As a parent, you should always encourage your kid to play outside with other kids and practice a lot of physical exercises. This will help your kids to develop mentally, physically and emotionally. Engage them in household chores such as helping in the kitchen to engage them.

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A healthy diet for your children will protect your children from lifestyle diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other diseases. It is good to train your children early enough to practice healthy habits and the effects of eating unhealthy foods. Teach them to be responsible for their health.

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