The 6 Best Hot Tub Drink Holders, Trays & Side Bars

I don’t know why I went so long without buying a drinks tray for my hot tub. Not having to lean over the spa is so much more convenient, and it also means I can enjoy movies and music using my tablet and wireless speaker while taking a soak.

Here is a list of my favorite 6 hot tub drinks holders, trays, and side bars. There’s something to suit all budgets, as well as holders for hard-sided tubs and inflatable spas.

Leisure Concepts Spa Caddy Side Table Tray

The Leisure Concepts Spa Caddy Side Table TrayOpens in a new tab. is my personal favorite and the one I use. It’s plenty big to comfortably hold enough drinks for eight people, as well as food, towels, phones, tablets, books, Bluetooth speakers, or whatever else you like to take with you into your spa.

The stainless steel post that holds the tray has to be fixed in place on the side of the hot tub, so it’s only suitable for hard-sided tubs.

I chose this tray caddy because of its ability to pivot out the way when I come to close the cover. Both the pole and the tray can be removed from the bracket mounted on the side of the spa, but removal isn’t necessary to close the cover as there’s plenty of clearance when installed correctly.

I recommend having the tray sat flush on top of the side of the hot tub to make it level and to provide extra support that makes it nice and sturdy.

Installation is really easy. It comes with six self-tapping Phillips screws that can be fitted in a matter of minutes using a hand-held or electric screwdriver.


  • Swivels toward and away from the spa for easy access
  • Made of reinforced, reinforced polymer, weather-resistant plastic
  • Equipped with a stainless steel upright post
  • Quickly mounts on virtually any spa
  • 27 L × 19 W inches (69 × 48cm) tray
  • 2-inch (5cm) diameter pole

Check out the current price of the Leisure Concepts Spa Caddy Side Table TrayOpens in a new tab. on Amazon.

Life Spa Tray Table

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t require driving holes into the side of your hot tub, then I recommend this Life Tray TableOpens in a new tab., which is designed for use on hard-sided hot tubs.

Unlike my first choice, this tray caddy isn’t permanently attached. You’ll have to lift it off and reposition it each time you want to use it. That might appeal to you if you don’t need to use a tray each time you take a soak.

The tray has a rubberized surface, which is ideal for keeping everything in place. The tray grabs onto the edge of the spa with its rubber feet to keep it from sliding about.

However, because of the materials it’s made from and the fact it isn’t permanently attached, the Tray Table is best suited to lightweight items only. It’ll comfortably hold two or three drinks, and items such as glasses, phones, and wireless speakers.

It has adjustable legs with protective strips to protect the inner and outer walls of your tub. Positioning the tray correctly can be a bit of a balancing act, and you need to be careful that you don’t knock it accidentally as you’ll send everything flying.

One thing I particularly like is the drainage holes it has at the back of the tray, which ensures that any splashes of water or spilled drinks drip away and don’t enter your spa water, messing up the water chemistry.


  • Adjustable spa tray grabs spa edge with rubber feet
  • Rubberized surface keeps things in their place
  • Rubber strips on underside grip spa shell
  • Adjustable legs
  • Protective strips
  • Drainage holes to keep supplies dry
  • 18 L × 9.5 W inches (46 × 24cm)

Check out the current price of the Life Tray TableOpens in a new tab. on Amazon.

Intex Premium Spa Tray

The Intex Premium Spa TrayOpens in a new tab. is my favorite from among the choices for inflatable hot tubs. Although made by Intex, it should comfortably fit most standard-sized inflatable spas.

The tray is 18” (46cm) in length, so it’s plenty big enough to hold a range of items such as phones, snacks, books, or a wireless speaker.

It has two drink holders at either end of the tray and a slot at the back to place in your tablet securely for watching movies without the risk of it falling into the water.

It might sound strange, but one design feature I really like is that the cup holders are in separate locations. This means you don’t have the issue of two large cups not fitting (such as Yeti cups), which is often a problem when drink holders are side-by-side.

The around the edges of the interior is a white LED strip. The ambient light gives off a calming glow, which is really relaxing and very practical during an evening soak.

Unlike a lot of spa trays that are too flimsy, the Intex is plenty sturdy. It sits snugly over the side of the spa wall to ensure it doesn’t move around.

Underneath the tray is two spring-loaded legs that fold neatly away for storage. Attaching and removing is literally a 10-second job.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • White LED light
  • Fits most inflatable hot tubs
  • Slot for securely holding your tablet
  • Comfortably fits two large drinks
  • Large enough to accommodate a range of items
  • Attaches to the spa wall for easy installation
  • 10.88 L × 18.50 W × 12.75 H inches (27.6 × 47 × 32.4cm)

Check out the current price of the Intex Premium Spa TrayOpens in a new tab. on Amazon.

Intex PureSpa Cup Holder

If you’re on a budget and only need room to place a drink or two, then you can’t go wrong with the Intex PureSpa Cup HolderOpens in a new tab..

It’s one of the most popular cup holders available. It’s capable of holding two drinks and has a 6 × 5-inch (15 × 13cm) tray for placing smaller items such as sunglasses.

Although they’re intended for inflatable Intex spas, they’re able to fit most inflatable spa brands, as well as some hard-sided hot tubs too. You can make sure it fits your spa model by entering the model number on the Amazon website.

The two drink holders are suitable for standard-sized bottles and cans. Larger glasses may fit inside but might get stuck, meaning they don’t touch the bottom of the holder.

Each holder has large drainage holes to capture any spills and splashes of water from your spa. The holes also prevent pools of condensation from building up and dripping cold water on you.

Like other Intex products, the holder has been thoughtfully designed. Its laminated construction stands up to moisture and heat, and the textured base ensures that items remain in place.

The soft grip ensures that the holder stays firmly in place and also means it doesn’t damage the inner and outer walls of the spa. It slides on and off and is easily removable when it’s time to close up the hot tub.

While it’s pretty small, its incredibly cheap price means you can purchase two or three so that each person has their own personal cup holder and tray.


  • Removable for convenience
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Holds 2 standard size beverage containers
  • Tray for small items
  • 10.25 L × 8.63 W × 7 H inches (26 × 22 × 18cm)

Check out the current price of the Intex PureSpa Cup HolderOpens in a new tab. on Amazon.

DiveBlast Premium Floating Drink Holder

If you’re looking for an inflatable hot tub tray, then I recommend the DiveBlast Premium Floating Drink HolderOpens in a new tab.. It’s one of the most popular models you’ll find, mostly because of the large number of pockets it has.

In total, this inflatable hot tub tray has nine little compartments for storing a wide array of goods such as drinks, snacks, phones, tablets, speakers, books, and sunglasses.

The floating tray is made from durable PVC that’s surprisingly sturdy. It features a double valve for easy inflation and doesn’t leak any air before you’re able to close the valve.

It requires a very small amount of air, so you don’t have to worry about running out of puff trying to inflate this thing as it can be blown up in a matter of seconds

One of the biggest concerns with using a floating drinks holder in a hot tub is how it fares when the jets are turned on. You don’t have to worry about this thing flipping over, even with people getting in and out, splashing around, and with the jets on.

This is a really fun little addition to a hot tub and is the perfect gift for any spa owner. It packs down to just 5” (13cm) when deflated, which makes it ideal for days out too. I’ve even taken it on the beach to have somewhere to place snacks well away from the sand, so this thing is pretty versatile.


  • Made from sturdy and durable PVC
  • 9 different-sized pockets for storing items
  • Double-valve for quick and easy inflation
  • Doesn’t flip over, even with jets on
  • Can also be used for days out
  • Inflated dimensions: 28 × 20 inches (71 × 51cm)

Check out the current price of the DiveBlast Premium Floating Drink HolderOpens in a new tab. on Amazon.

Keter Breeze Bar Hot Tub Side Table

This Keter hot tub side barOpens in a new tab. provides a huge 32-inch (81cm) tabletop space for storing absolutely anything. If you have a large family or you like to host hot tub parties, then this 2-in-1 beverage and snack station is absolutely ideal.

The fact the tabletop adjusts to match the height of my hot tub is a really nice touch. It has a simple one-press action that gradually adjusts the top for easy use and storage.

The fact the tabletop elevates above the drinks compartment means it’s convenient for both sitting and standing applications. You get your money’s worth as the 2-in-1 station can be used elsewhere in the yard for occasions such as barbecues.

The enormous 17-gallon (64 liters) drinks compartment below can store as many as 130 drinks cans and ice. Having a space that large is reason enough alone to buy one if you often have friends over.

Trust me, it’s much nicer to have a piece of patio furniture to hold the drinks than some old bucket filled with ice. Friends often comment on how great it looks and ask me where they can get themselves one.

The Keter Breeze Bar is made from weather-proof, polypropylene resin that makes it durable enough to be stored outside all year round. The integrated drainage plug also makes it really quick and easy to clean up.


  • Versatile 2-in-1 beverage and snack station
  • 17 gallon ice and drinks bin
  • Height-adjustable for ultimate convenience
  • Simple one-press action to close
  • Constructed of polypropylene resin
  • Integrated drain plug make clean up a breeze
  • Closed dimensions: 32.8 L x 15.9 W x 20.4 H inches (83 × 40 × 52cm)
  • Weight: 28.1 pounds (12.7kg)

Check out the current price of the Keter hot tub side barOpens in a new tab. on Amazon.

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