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10 Best Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews (2018) and Buyer’s Guide

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This article contains the best inflatable hot tub in 2018. It also features the various portable hot tubs and portable spa reviews to enable you make a decision in regards to best inflatable spa. So sit back and enjoy the article.
You are just from the gym, jogging or just from a busy day in the office. Upon arrival, you get in the house and just jump into your hot tub and relax. Your body feels rested and you get a good night sleep. We all can imagine that. These hot spas enables you to have a relaxing water bath experience at the comfort of your house or wherever you choose to have the bath.

The inflatable bath tubs are easily portable and very convenient for home use. You don’t need to visit the parlors for the hot tub or Jacuzzis experience. That privacy element is one of the reasons as to why you should own one in your home.

In addition, inflatable hot tubs come in various shapes, colors and sizes enabling you to have a wide variety to choose from and have the liberty to choose who to share with e.g. partner and for you kids as well. Save the parlor Jacuzzi cost and purchase one of the best inflatable hot tub.


10 Best Inflatable Hot Tub Comparison Chart

Product NameDimensions
Number of People
Check Price
Intex Pure Spa 6-Person
24.2 x 34.25 x 20.5 in
114.4 lbs
Check price
Coleman SaluSpa
32 x 22 x 24 in
85.9 pounds
Check price
Intex PureSpa Jet & Bubble
79 x 79 x 28 in
150 lbs

Check price
Coleman SaluSpa 6 Person
24 x 32.25 x 21.25 in
90 lbs
4-6 adults
Check price
Goplus 4 Person
71 x 71 x 28 in
50 lbs

Check price
SaluSpa Miami AirJet
71 x 71 x 26 in
53.86 lbs
Check price
Intex 77in PureSpa Portable
77 x 77 x 28 in
87.2 lbs
4 people
Check price
Portable Soft Sided Insulated
4 people
Check price
SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet
77 x 77 x 28 in
76.45 lbs
4-6 Person
Check price
SaluSpa Realtree MAX-5 AirJet 4 Person
21 x 21 x 71 inches
35 pounds
4 people
Check price

Best Inflatable Hot Tub – Buyer’s  Guide

If you are considering having a home inflatable hot tub, there are few questions you need to ask yourself and answer and also there are some decisions you need to make to ensure you find and purchase the best inflatable hot tub. This buyer’s guide will help you in your decision making process when choosing your best portable hot tub.
Probably you are debating between having a pool, an inflatable hot tab or frequent visits to the Jacuzzi. Well, we have gathered some of the advantages of having an inflatable hot spa that will help you decide.

Advantages of inflatable hot tubs

Easy to set up: Most people are not ready to go through the hustle of having to dig the garden, bring in builders, lumbers, tradesmen, electricians, and probably knock through some wall. The dust, noise, rubble and many more all in the name of building a pool or hot tub not to mention the dollars that will go into this.

That is why portable hot spas are the best deal, you don’t have to go through all that. The inflatable hot tubs are as simple as purchase, un-box, pump up, connect, fill up, heat the water and then soak yourself in it and enjoy.

Portability: These inflatable hot spas can be moved from place to place and can be used indoors or outdoors depending on weather. This also means that you can travel with them to various places and have your massage. Additionally, they are easy to store and thus they are very much convenient than a fixed tub or a pool that is fixed in one place and can’t be moved.

Various health benefits: Hot tubs come with a number of health benefits having known water soaking is the oldest form of therapy. Research has also shown that warm water therapy helps with musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis, lower back pain and fibromyalgia.

Key benefits in health include; arthritis relief, improved sleep, stress reduction, diabetes, massage, headaches and back pain. Better health leads to an affordable life without hospital bills and drug bills. Purchase one of the best inflatable home tubs and enjoy all these benefits as well.


Size: This puts into consideration the number of people the tub can hold. This is a definite key factor which comes with several advantages and disadvantages.

To most buyers, the bigger the hot bath the better which is true, since it can hold more people, plus a spacious tub means better comfort and more relaxing spa experience. On the other side, a bigger size means more water, more energy to heat the water and keep it heated. A large hot tub also means more chemicals and definitely they are more expensive to purchase and maintain as compared to the smaller ones.

shape: When it comes to shapes in the inflatable hot tubs, you get either round or variations of a square. The square like are better in case you are to use it indoors on winter season. Choose a shape that is best suitable for you.

price: With different shapes, colors, sizes and features, comes a range of price for the inflatable hot tubs for the buyers to choose from. It is important you look out for the features an size suitable for you, compare prices from different manufacturers and you will definitely get a package to favor all your needs.

  Jet types: All inflatable spas come with in-built jets usually ringed close to the base of the tub. These bubble jets are a good feature as they enable you to get a good spa experience when they eject those bubbles.

If you want hydro-therapy, you when then be required to purchase a higher end tub that offers that. Most tubs do not have the hydro massage feature thus few premium tubs have it. This comes with a better spa experience and hence a higher cost for the tub. But they say if its worth, go for it!

 Cleaning: Check for spas with a filter cartridge. This will enable you know when to change the water, as the water will turn cloudy and dirt will be visible even after chemical treatment. The cartridge and chemicals for disinfecting are necessary elements for maintaining a clean tub.

More features : Most of the inflatable tub models comes with extra features. Some have features which include things like salt water systems which chlorinate the water thus less chemicals are needed for water treatment. All you need is to keep the salt granulate reservoir full. This helps cut on costs.

Most medium and premium models feature in-built hard water systems also, which help soften hard water thus giving a more refreshing tub experience that is kind to your skin.

Our Favorite top 10  Inflatable Hot tubs Reviews

#01. Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Portable

This is a 6 person portable hot tub that pampers your body to ultimate relaxation. It is one of the best according to Intex spa reviews and can hold 290 gallons of water with a temperature range of between 68 ⁰ C and 104⁰ C. Has a bubble air blower of 1.1 hp power of 110- 120 volts and 1300 W heater. Suitable for indoors as it cannot be left to temperatures below 39 ⁰ C. Its cobalt blue in color with a shipping weight of 114lbs.


In terms of people, this intex hot tub provides a relaxing spa experience for 6 people at a touch of a button. Its water capacity id 290 gallons with a flow rate of 460 GPH. It has an In-built hard water treatment- this makes the water gentler on your skin. It is made in a way that maintenance and cleaning is easy- 2 easy to replace filter cartridges for a cleaner spa water.

The Intex spa has puncture resistant material for better comfort, support and durability. It is also easy to dismantle and store. The intex pure spa comes with an insulated cover, thermal ground cloth, inflation h

ose, 1 year warranty, floating pool chlorine dispenser, two headrests and a carry bag.


The air bubble jets portable hot tub helps you to pamper yourself hence relax your body. This comes with benefits like improved general body wellness through reduction of body aches and fatigue, stress reduction and an overall good feeling.

In-built hard water treatment- This ensures that the water is treated to make sure it does not harm your skin. The spa has easy to use control panel that helps you to enjoy the spa by activating the 170 high powered jets that surrounds the inside of the spa. The heating system automatically adjusts to favorable temperatures that suit your massage needs

  • easy to use
  • durable material
  • comfortable
  • large capacity
  • easy to clean and store
  • In-built hard water treatment system.
  • can’t withstand low temperatures below 39⁰ C
  • extension cord not recommended

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#02. Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Also known as the Coleman lay-z spa is an inflatable hot tub with a capacity of 4-6 person. Package comes with a DVD showing spa set-up and maintenance, insulated cover, ground cloth, inflation hose, heating system, chemical floater, filtration system and heavy duty repair patch. Has a shipping weight of 86 pounds with dimensions of 32 x 22 x 24 inches.


The Coleman spa has a Digital control panel with an in-built automatic start/stop timer that is controlled by the heating system. It works within the set temperatures. Leatheroid and puncture resistant material- the Coleman SaluSpa has an exterior made of TriTech 3 ply material that is reinforced, with a polyester mesh co

re sandwiched in two layers of PVC for durability and extra strength.

Sturdy I- beam construction- the walls of the Coleman portable hot tub are made with I- beam construction that makes the product superior than the rest in its class. The spa features a separate air pad floor that cushioned and it’s located underneath the spa. On top of the additional comfort under foot and backsides.


The automatic on/off timer that helps you enjoy the spa experience without having to worry that the water will over heat or cool down before your massage time is up. You just set the temperature that suits you and activate the inflatable SaluSpa massage system and enjoy the experience.

The SaluSpa is made up of a superior Leatheroid material to add some extra strength and durability to the spa. It has an I-beam construction, this allows the users of the SaluSpa to it on the sides without the spa buckling or bending thus making this spa superior and one of the best inflatable hot tub there is. The spa has a cushioned air pad floor this cushioning at the base of the spa helps with insulation and reduction of heat loss through the base of the SaluSpa.

  • Fast and easy set up
  • durable and comfortable
  • inbuilt timer
  • energy saving
  • beam construction
  • Tiny air holes develop on some units.
  • so heavy when full.
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#03. Intex Pure Spa Jet & Bubble massage Deluxe Spa- Octagon

This is a 4 person portable hot tub, octagon in shape. Water capacity is 210 gallons with water temperatures ranging between 68 and 104 ⁰ C and measures 79 x 79 x 28 inches when inflated. Has a 1.1 hp 110-120 V bubble air blower and a flow rate of 460 GPH (gal /hour) and heating power of 1300 W. the portable spa has 120 bubble jets.


The spa jet features an easy to control panel that controls the 4 high powered massage jets which

are adjustable and 120 heated bubble jets that surround the inner part of the spa. It is also made in an octagon shape which offers space, exquisite look and space enough for a relaxing massage and enables you to soak comfortable in the water.

The intex pure spa jet has an adjustable heating system. Additionally, the pure spa jet also features an in-built salt water system and also has a hard water treatment system built in as well. The spa is equipped with 2 easy to replace filter cartridges. The spa has an insulated lock and cover and a carry bag is included in the package.


It’s as simple as a touch of a button to operate the spa, due to the control panel that’s installed. The 120 heat bubble jets and the sets of massage jets offers an euphoric and rejuvenating experience to the user. The octagon shape provides enough space for full body massage with its space and the water capacity. In place is a heating system that ensures you have no worries about water temperatures throughout the session.

The combination of hard water treatment and salt water sanitation provides a gentler water for your skin and saves you the hustle of chlorine tablets. The spa is easy to maintain and clean and preserves energy meaning costs are reduced for you. For easy carriage and storage you have a carry bag provided.

  • portable
  • easy to clean
  • easy to set up and operate
  • in-built water treatment
  • relaxing
  • accommodates less people
  • not suitable for cold weather
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#04. Coleman SaluSpa 6 Person Inflatable Outdoor Spa Jacuzzi Bubble Massage Hot Tub

Has a water capacity of 254 gallons with a maximum water heat of 104 ⁰ Fahrenheit. Measures 77 x 77 x 28 inches and is not recommended for use in freezing temperatures though it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Rating is 110-120 V, 60 Hz, 12 Amps at 68 ⁰ F and weighs 86 pounds. package comes with a spa pup and a DVD for set up instructions.


The spa is easy to set up and use as it inflates in minutes and heats up fast to high temperatures of 104⁰.  It also has a digital control panel and has its inflatable walls made of TriTech material. The package comes with a

chemical floater, carry bag, a DVD with instructions and an inflatable cover ‘

In addition the spa has a cushioned floor with drain valve, Leatheroid pool cove, built in air chamber and safety lock clips. The Coleman SaluSpa also has a ground mat, it has a pre-tested pump and pre-tested hot tub and also has an integrated water filtration.


The hot tub is one of the best portable spa that heats to high temperatures allowing your muscles to relax after a tiresome day. With a digital panel that lets you adjust temperatures to your desired heat and stro

ng TriTech material to ensure the spa can withstand the heat and last long saving you constant repair and replacement costs and ensuring your comfort is considered as well.

The spa package comes with a chemical floater that ensures your spa is clean and an inflatable cover to keep it warm. For safety the spa the pump and hot tub are pre-tested, the floor is cautioned, safety lock clips are in place and there is an in-built chamber to ensure no heat is lost.

  • safe to use as it has been pre-tested
  • chemical floater available
  • portable and easy to store
  • heats faster
  • energy saving
  • overheats at times
  • not suitable for freezing temperatures
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#05. Goplus 4 Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub

It’s a 4 people hot tub with water capacity of 210 gallons and water temperature range of 68⁰ F- 104⁰ F and a rapid heating system of approximately 2-3 ⁰ F/h. The hot tub has 130 bubble jets, jet power of 600W and heater power of 900W. The hot tub cable is 10.8 FT and item weighs 50 pounds. Dimensions are 71 x 71 x 28 inches.


The hot tub features a user friendly design that has pumps that are digitally controlled with a soft touch control panel. The inflatable hot tub can be folded and ea

sily transported after use. The outer walls of the Goplus hot tub are made of a strong coated fabric and insulated ground cloth.

Additionally, the inflatable hot tub has an easy to replace filter cartridge and in-built hard water treatment system. The Goplus portable inflatable hot tub come with a PU cover with a zipper and foil and 6 safety lock clips and other accessories which includes: 1 spa pool, 1 inflation hose, 1 filter cartridge, 1 ground cloth, 1 rubber plug ad 1 repair kit.


The digitally controlled panel offers a soft touch button operation that helps you set your preferred temperatures and activate the Goplus system for spa enjoyment and relaxation which you can fold and carry with ease after use. The Goplus tub outer walls are made of fabric coated material that is strong and durable. On top of that there is an insulated ground cloth to prevent heat loss and an insulated cover for heat retention and safety.

The inflatable hot tub is easy to clean and maintain since it has easily replaceable filter cartridges. The spa has a hard water treatment system that helps make water gentler on clothes, skin and entire spa system by reducing build up that leads to clogging.

  • Portable
  • user friendly design
  • strong and durable
  • extra accessories
  • In- built hard water systems.
  • can burst if over inflated
  • may be too large for older balconies
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#06. SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Outdoor Spa

This SaluSpa Miami is a 4 person inflatable spa which is easily portable, can be set indoors/outdoors, offers total relaxation and is easy to set-up (no tools required). The spa has 120 bubble jets with a water flow of 350 GPH. The spa has a water capacity of 177 gallons that can heat up to 104 ⁰ F and measures 71 x 71 x 26 inches. The product weighs 53.9 pounds.


The SaluSpa Miami can heat the water in minutes up to 104⁰ F with the rapid water heating system

that safe. It also features a digital control panel and a system with 120 bubble jets. The Miami spa also has chemical floater, water filtration system, inflatable cover and a filter cartridge. It is also a Laz-Y- spa that requires no tools or professional knowledge to set up or operate and offers a Lay-Z massage.

The spa features a digital control panel, and an exterior TriTech material. This is a reinforced 3 ply material which consist of a mesh core that is of polyester fabric, coated in 2 layers of laminated PVC. The SaluSpa Miami has walls that are puncture resistant, I-beam construction.


Fast heating mechanism that saves on time yet it is safe. The Miami spa has a digital control panel that enables you to activate the system regulate the water temperatures with ease and without necessarily having to get out of the tub. The spa consist of 120 bubble jets which are perfect for soaking your body after a tiresome day.

The material used to make the Miami spa are strong and durable. additionally, the spa’s wall are of sturdy I-beam construction that is to make sure users can seat on the sides and the spa wont bend or buckle making it superior. There is also a chemical floater and water filtration system in place.

  • Sturdy I-beam construction
  • portable
  • strong and durable material
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • digital control panel available
  • noisy pump
  • manual /DVD omissions
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#07. Intex 77 in Pure Spa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

This intex spa is round in shape and has a capacity of 4 people. It can hold 210 gallons of water with temperature range of 68-104⁰ F where for it to attain the max temperature, it requires the outdoor temperature to be a min of 50⁰ F. The dimensions are approximately an internal diameter of 58’’ and height of 28’’. The spa has 120 bubble jets with water flow rate of 460 GPH and 1.1 hp ~ 110-120 V.


Easy to control panel is a good feature of the Intex spa that activates the 120 bubble jets surrounding the inner part of the spa. The spa has a Fiber-Tech Construction and puncture-resistant 3-ply laminated fabric. Intex spa has an in-built hard water treatment system.

Additionally, the Intex Pure Spa Bubble Massage Spa has 2 easy to replace filter cartridges, insulated cover, and lock. A carry bag is included in the package together with an inflation hose.

The Intex spa has an in-built hard water treatment that makes water gentler in the clothes, skin and the spa system as a whole by ensuring no clogging occurs and thus a longer life for the system. The system works by creating electro-magnetic field that agitates minerals like calcium in the water, forming suspended crystals. Those crystal are retained in the filter cartridges, leaving the spa clean.

The spa consists of a heating system and 120 jets all that team up to ensure running hot water for a relaxing spa moment to the user. The exterior of the spa is made up of Fiber-Tech fabric for puncture-resistance, strength, comfort and durability. For heat loss prevention and safety purposes, the Intex spa comes with an insulated cover and lock. A carry bag for easy transportation and inflation hose for easy inflation is also included in the package.

  • portable
  • strong, durable and comfy material
  • In-built hard water treatment system.
  • energy saving
  • puncture resistant
  • easy to clean
  • works with an external temperature of not below 50⁰ F
  • tub walls can lose air easily
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#08. Portable Soft Sided Insulated Hot Tub Therapy Spa

This is one of the best inflatable hot tub for winter and most utilized as it can withstand all weather. It has a capacity of 4 people and can hold 315 gallons of water with 8 water jets. The external dimensions are 74.1 inches x 27.1 inches. Product is available in grey, navy or merlot colors. The soft sided spa is also a plug and play hot tub as it comes assembled and ready to fill.


The tub of this spa comes with insulated hard cover. It also features underwater filtration and lighting systems, eco-friendly blue water purification system for free. The spa is space saving and affordable price wise. Due to its lightweight, Soft spa can be carried to that dream trip. It is powered by a 120V generator and suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Additionally the spa comes with a spa cover and has everything inbuilt. It has a strong PVC rot-proof frame structure. The frame is padded and insulated and covered with a marine grand vinyl attractive cover that matches the top cover. The interior material is as the one used in above the ground swimming pools.


The soft sided spa comes with everything in-built, not inflatable comes ready to fill. This saves on space and facilitates easy movement as well as easy operation as opposed to other tubs with lots of connections and extra barrels. The fabric used to make the spa is strong, tough and durable to last longer.

The Portable Soft Sided Insulated Hot Tub Therapy Spa offers hydrotherapy massage designed with maximum energy efficiency. The spa is light making its portability easier and also comes with a variety of colors to choose from as well.

  • portable
  • easy to use
  • hydrotherapy
  • can withstand winter season
  • saves on space
  • Safe to use
  • no chemical floaters
  • no hard water treatment systems
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#09. SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet Inflatable 6-Person Hot Tub

The SaluSpa Palm Springs Hot Tub has a capacity of 4-6 people and 242 gallons of water which flows at 320 GPH speed. The spa has a rapid heating system of approximately 2-3 ⁰ F/h with a maximum heat capability of 104⁰ F. The spa has a rating of 110-120 V, 12A at 68⁰ F. The product has a weight of 76.5 pounds and measure 77 x 77 x 28 inches when inflated.


The spa comes equipped with a digital control panel that is easy to operate. The heating system allows for water to heat up to 104 degrees. Palm Spring spa has a Leatheroid and puncture resistant exterior made of TriTech 3 ply reinforced material, with a polyester mesh core covered by 2 layers of PVC.

To top it up, the Palm Springs spa walls are made of I-Beam construction that is puncture resistant. The SaluSpa Palm Springs spa features a separate floor with air pad cushion that site below the spa. On top the additional comfort on the backside of the feet and under.


The SaluSpa Palm Springs has cautioned air pad floor underneath the spa to minimize heat loss through the spa base. This promotes energy saving and cost reduction. Palm Springs Spa has its walls constructed with well-engineered puncture resistant and I-Beam construction to offer extra strength and durability. The I-Beam construction also ensures that the users can seat on the sides and the spa won’t buckle or bend making it superior.

The spa has TriTech 3ply reinforced fabric to offer extra strength and durability which is a characteristic not found in many inflatable spas. Additionally, a digital control panel is in place to enable fast and easy operation of the spa. You set the temperatures and activate the spa system to enjoy a relaxing spa experience.

  • easy to set up and operate
  • strong and durable
  • portable
  • sturdy I-beam construction
  • Cushioned air pad floor
  • No chlorine floaters
  • no cover
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#10. SaluSpa Realtree MAX-5 AirJet 4Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

This is a 4 person hot tub spa with a water temperature of 104 degrees Farenheit (104 degrees) and an AirJet. The product weighs 35 pounds and measures 21 x 21 x 71 inches. The package includes 1 inflatable spa, 1 chemical floater, 1 inflatable cover, 1 spa pump with an AirJet system, 2 filter cartridges and a repair patch.


The SaluSpa Realtree is one good choice of a small inflatable spa that you can carry anywhere. The spa requires no tools or professional knowhow for one to install. SaluSpa features good heating system that heats water up to 104 ⁰ F with an AirJet as well. The Spa comes with its own pump.

SaluSpa Realtree is equipped with an insulated floor with a convenient valve for draining water. Additionally, there are 2 easy lift handles attached to the spa as well as the mosaic print inside the spa and the Realtree MA-5 print on the outside. There is an I-Beam sturdy construction, automatic timer, integrated water filtration system, soft touch easy to operate digital panel and LED display, a reinforced cover with safety lock clips and in-built air chamber.


The SaluSpa Realtree Spa will offer amazing spa experience with its soothing water temperatures of 104⁰ F and the AirJet system. The spa is easy to set up and operate with its soft touch digital control panel and spa pump to inflate it easily. It is easy to maintain and clean as it has a drain valve.

Also the Realtree spa has easy portability characteristics as it has the 2 easy lift handles. For safety purposes the floor is soft and insulated and the pump is supplied with a ground fault circuit interruption with a current not exceeding 6Ma. The spa is insulated with a built in chamber and reinforced cover that has safety lock clips. Additionally the spa has I-Beam construction for strength and stability and an automatic ON/OFF timer that helps control heating system hence saving energy

  • easy to set up and operate
  • very portable
  • stable and strong
  • energy saving
  • safe
  • not puncture resistant
  • fewer AirJets
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The Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub is not only the best as it is in between the small hot tubs that is 2 person inflatable hot tubs and the large hot tubs which is 8 person and above hot tubs, but because of its amazing features. With its strong walls, in-built heat timers, strong walls and its portability, you will definitely fall in love.
With its strong walls and safety features, the Coleman SaluSpa hot tub not only can support a family or you and your few friends but also gives you value for your money. I would highly recommend it as one of the best inflatable hot tubs for 2018 without a doubt.
Q. What is the best inflatable hot tub to buy?
Ans.Will entirely depend on your budget and the specification you’re looking for.
Q.What is the best portable hot tub?
A.Depends with personal preference, budget and specifications.
Q.How long do inflatable hot tubs take to heat up?
A. It depends with your location, air temperature, water temperature at the start and hot tub model. On average 6-12 hours in summer.
Q. Which blow up hot tub are the best?
A. Coleman models and Intex are among the best ones.
Q. Can you use hot tub in the winter?
A. Yes, you can. But check the specific model that you can use outdoor during winter season. Most models will required you to use the spa indoors during winter. Portable Soft Sided Insulated Hot Tub Therapy Spa is one of the spas you can use in the winter
Q. How can I make my hot tub heat up faster?
Ans. By adding warm water (not boiling water) into the tub, keeping the tub lidded and ensuing the tub is insulated.
Q. How hot is a hot tub?
Ans. 104 degrees Fahrenheit
Q. What is a good temperature for a hot tub in the summer?
Ans. 85 – 82 degrees Fahrenheit since its lower than your body temperatures giving a cool effect.
Q. Why is my hot tub not warming up?
Check or replace the heating element. Most definitely it is faulty somewhere


When it comes to personal comfort and relaxation, people would go all the way. But in all that, seek to find a bath tub that suits your needs and probably those of your family, one that is within your budget. Plan for one in advance. The relaxation they offer is what you need at the end of the day. The portable spas are many in the market, ensure you purchase one from a reliable manufacturer. Check for the quality suppliers from the Coleman or intex inflatable hot tub reviews or any other manufacturer. Reviews help a great deal. Check what the warranty covers in case of faulty item and always follow set-up, use, cleaning and maintenance instructions properly. Finally getting the best inflatable hot tub for your home is a good investment, so go for it!


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