How Often Should I Bathe My Baby : The Complete Guide

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Being a new parent can be overwhelming, there is the excitement and awe of having just brought this new life into the world. But then can also be the feeling of not quite knowing what to do and how best to nurture and care for your beloved bundle. In particular, one of the key questions many new parents ask is how often to bathe their baby.In this article, we provide a complete guide to help you answer the question: how often should I bathe my baby?

How Often Should I Bathe My Baby

We know that cleanliness is critical to keeping your new baby warm, germ free and happy. However, if you bathe your baby too often it can be damaging for their sensitive skin. You also want to make sure you are using the right kind of cleanser for your baby’s skin, one that removes dirt, without striping your baby’s skin of its nutrients and moisture.


Bath Time Essentials – Different Options For Baby’s Bath

The most efficient type of bath for baby is a classic warm water bath. You can add to this customized baby bath products such as baby soap, baby bath gels or baby oils. Depending on the sensitivity of your baby’s skin, certain formulations may not be appropriate. Avoid using any bath products that are over perfumed, are abrasive or have too many additives in them.

Where to bathe your baby

A conventional size bath tub is too large for the baby and it would not be practical to bathe your baby in that. There are several options for modifying your bath to fit your baby. For babies up to the age of one year, we recommend that you bathe them standing, for this you would need to purchase a custom baby bath tub, this usually comes inserted in your baby changing table, or you can set it up around the sink and vanity area in your bathroom.

Frequency of how often should I bathe my baby by age

Some babies really love being in the water and bath time can become a fun and soothing ritual for you and your infant. You can vary the frequency with which you bathe the baby by age, gradually increasing it the older they get. The best time to bath a baby tends to be before they eat. Most babies do not enjoy being bathed after a meal, it can be quite uncomfortable.

Whatever your baby’s age there are key safety considerations that apply to bath time. The first is to always check the temperature of the water before placing your baby in the water. The easiest way to do this is with a baby bath thermometer, the recommended temperature for the baby’s bath is 36 – 37 degrees Celsius. You can also check the temperature by dipping your elbow into the water, our elbows are a bit more sensitive than our hands, so if water feels hot against the skin it will be too hot for baby. The second safety consideration is to place your baby’s bath tub or seat as far away from the taps as possible. This is especially relevant for older babies who may fidget and play with things, the taps can be dangerous. Finally, never leave your baby unattended in the bath.


How often should I bathe my 1 month old baby

It is not ideal to bath your new born baby until they are about one or two weeks old, when their umbilical cord has fallen and the wound has healed. Once this happens you can start to give your baby baths, but limit them to two or three times a week. Make sure to only fill your bath with no more than three inches of water and keep your baby’s head, neck and bottom supported the whole time. It can take some time to master the art of holding your baby up in the bath. To make it easy for yourself, make sure you have laid out all the essentials you need for bath time: mild soap; a wash cloth; and a towel to dry and wrap baby in after the bath.

In between baths, you can clean your baby using the top and tail method. This is where you use cotton wool dipped in warm clean water to carefully wipe your baby’s bottom, hands, neck and face, then gently wipe down the rest of their bodies.

How often should I bathe my 2 month old baby

As your baby gets to two months you should still maintain the low frequency baths. Clean only the areas that are visible on your baby’s body, do not prod into any sensitive areas and spaces especially the ears, nostrils and ears. Try not keep your baby in the water for too long. If you live in a colder climate make sure you bath the baby in a warm room so that they do not catch a chill. Dry the baby as soon as you remove them from the water.

How often should I bathe my 3 month old baby

As you baby gets to three months old, they may start to show if they love bath time. At this age you can keep them in the water for a few extra minutes, and gently splash, or pour warm water around their arms, torsos and feet with a cup for a bit of fun.

How often should I bathe my 4 month old baby

At this age, babies start to have a lot more strength, therefore if you find that your baby enjoys bath time, you can start to increase the frequency, perhaps to daily. You do not have to wash your baby at every bath time, you can simply put them in the water to splash around and enjoy the soothing sensation of the warm water. Try and maintain the same bath time every day to help your child get into a routine. This age is critical because you do start forming patterns and routines with your baby.

How often should I bathe my 6 month old baby

Most babies learn to sit independently between the 4 and 6 months old. Thus, for your six month old, bath time graduates to a more adventurous affair. You no longer need to hold your baby in the water, they can sit in it independently. This makes it more important for you to check the temperature of the water, you may also want to consider adding a bath cushion for your baby to sit on especially if the surface of your bath is rough.

How often should I bathe my 10 month old baby

Bathing your ten month old should be more enjoyable, and if you have gotten them into a routine, they will know when bath time is. This is a good age to move your baby to a bigger bath tub as they have more mobility. Also you can use some bath toys which can be more enjoyable for your child.


When it comes to baby baths, you will need to pick a frequency, and bathing method that works best for you and your baby. This will change as your baby gets older. As we have discussed in this guide, you will need to increase the frequency of baths for your baby from two to three times a week in their first month, up to once or twice a day from about seven months on. Many families find that they bond during the bath time ritual and some babies find the warm water at first soothing, and then eventually fun. Older babies in particular enjoy splashing about in the water.

It is also critical that you keep you baby clean in between baths. Ensure that you wipe their bottom and genitals clean after every nappy change, drying completely and applying talcum powder to prevent nappy rash. You should also wipe your baby’s face and hands after every meal to keep them clean.

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