how to take care newborn baby skin

How to Take Care of Newborn Baby Skin

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As a first child, a parent does not know how to take care of a newborn baby skin. Giving birth to a child brings about a lot of excitement. Mothers, especially first-time moms, enjoy more as they experience the first of everything involving their child’s growth. The first time they hold the baby in their arms. The first time she opens her eyes. The list is endless. However, as you step into the word of motherhood, you need to pay special attention when taking care of your little bundle of joy.

You need to be careful of what you eat to ensure your baby remains healthy and consider immediate health care whenever you notice anything that could imply she is sick. More importantly, you need to learn how to take care of the newborn baby skin to guarantee a healthy, fair and soft baby skin.

How to take care of newborn baby skin

Natural Baby Skin Care

All newborn kids are born with a protective covering known as vernix which sheds off naturally within the first week. During this period, you are not advised to treat it with creams or other products. Instead consider administering a sponge bath, twice or thrice in a week.

Remember your baby’s skin is covered with natural oils that keep it protected and moist to prevent it from going dry. Again, newborn babies hardly get dirty. You should not, therefore, bath her frequently (more than thrice per week) since it will deprive her of these natural oils thus leaving the skin dry and vulnerable to various skin conditions such as eczema.

How do I care for my baby’s skin?

The skin of a newborn is thinner, more sensitive and thus highly prone to irritation. Therefore be careful of the moisturizers, washing detergents, shampoos, and cleansers you use to avoid any irritation.

When sponge-bathing your baby, specialists suggest that you should pay more attention to areas the involve skin-to-skin contacts such as the toes, armpits, neck, and genitals. This is because such regions experience increased humidity which facilitates bacterial growth.

Moisturizers are essential after every birth. Preferably, use petroleum jerry. It’s not only relatively cheap and efficient but also considered the “gold standard” by pediatric dermatologists.

How to wash baby face with soap

You need to be careful when cleaning your baby’s face. You can use a little amount of soap specifically made for babies to wipe their face. If your kid has acne, your doctor might recommend a specific soap. However, the water does not necessarily need to lather. Below is a simple procedure to follow:

Use a sponge or washcloth and warm water with a little soap.

Wet the sponge and wipe her eyes gently from the inner corner, close to the nose, to the outer corner.

Next, clean the forehead and down to the cheeks, nose and finally the chin. Avoid scrubbing off any dry matter on their face. Instead, moist it and let it soften then wipe it off gently.

Do not forget to clean your baby’s ears as well. DO NOT try to remove earwax from the inside of their ears as this might lead to blockage or damage of the eardrums.

Newborn skin care guidelines

In addition to the above skin care tips, there are several other practices you should observe to enhance the quality of your baby’s skin.


Change your baby’s diapers often to avoid diaper rash. You are recommended to apply diaper cream to prevent chafing. Is your baby more prone to rashes? Opt for disposable diapers. They are excellent at keeping the skin dry.


The saliva from your kid’s drool usually contains enzymes which can cause skin irritation. To avoid this, wipe off the drool after feeding her and reapply a moisturizer.


Your child’s outfits need to be clean and preferably softened to prevent irritation. Also, avoid prickly heat rushes by loosening your baby’s outfits depending on the changes in temperature.


You should be extra careful when selecting talcum powder. Keep away from products that contain fragrances as it will impact negatively on your child’s sensitive skin. If possible stick only to herbal powders. Powdering the diaper area is discouraged since it may later lead to infections.

Baby skin care tips home remedies

Do you wish to make your baby’s skin fair and soft using only natural home remedies? Below are some tips to help you achieve that:

Maintain the right water temperatures when bathing your baby. Extremely cold or hot water will affect their sensitive skin. Lukewarm water is highly recommended. Higher temperatures than that can darken your kid’s skin.

Subjecting your baby to a synchronized bath is also a viable option. But remember it’s only safe to expose them to the morning sun rays which are rich in vitamin D and not the afternoon scorching sun rays.

Gently scrubbing of the dry skins will help keep your little one’s skin healthy and smooth.

Gentle baby massages using essential oils such as olive, coconut, and almond oil will contribute an extra protection layer for more nourished and soft skin.

Ointment for baby skin rashes

One way to protect your little one from rashes is by dressing her lightly and avoiding thick swaddling. However, in case of baby rashes, you can use various ointments and creams to prevent the flaking skin from getting further irritated.

Regardless of the brand you select, there are specific ingredients that you should look out for. The first is zinc oxide. Zinc oxide forms a protective barrier on the skin to prevent moisture loss. Calendula oil is also recommended for baby rashes. It contains antibacterial properties that fight off infections. Ointments containing soothers such as aloe are also great at reviving inflamed skin.

Baby skin care in winter

The cold and dry winter air can be quite harsh on your little one’s skin. Luckily, a good baby moisturizer is enough to maintain her skin as soft and supple as it was during birth. Consider moisturizing her before going out in the cold or after a baby bath.

Keep her lips from cracking or getting chapped by applying a gentle lip balm or even better, petroleum jelly. Did you know that heat rushes could also occur during winter? Well, they do occur. Only that they do not result from high temperatures but from dressing her too warmly. Consider breathable clothes for her and also use moisturizers to lock in the moisture.

How to make baby skin soft and fair?

I believe that am speaking for all mothers when I say that every mother wants soft skin and fair complexion for her baby. Below are some effective ways to help you achieve that.

Firstly, coconut oil is well known for its ability to enhance skin tone in kids. It additionally helps to strengthen their muscles. Massage your child gently with this oil for fairer and softer skin.

Secondly, use baby skin products with sunscreen protection. You need to ensure that your little one is not exposed to the harmful UV rays which can dry and damage her skin.

Lastly, use baby moisturizers. Remember the secret to every skin is keeping it moisturized. By locking in moisture, you will prevent the skin from drying thus preserving its softness.

Can I use Johnson baby lotion on my newborn?

Of course yes. Johnson baby lotion is made explicitly for use on baby’s gentle and delicate skin. It’s among the leading baby body lotions offering up to 24-hour skin hydration for your kid’s healthy and soft skin.    Additionally, Johnson baby lotion has been clinically tested to ensure that it does not irritate your child’s sensitive skin.

Of course yes. Johnson baby lotion is made explicitly for use on baby’s gentle and delicate skin. It’s among the leading baby body lotions offering up to 24-hour skin hydration for your kid’s healthy and soft skin.

Additionally, Johnson baby lotion has been clinically tested to ensure that it does not irritate your child’s sensitive skin.

As new mothers learn how to take care of newborn baby skins through cleaning and keeping it moisturized, they should not forget to clean all things that the baby comes into contact with using antibacterial soaps. This will contribute to the overall health of the baby. Lastly, remember to be cautious of the skin products you use on your little one to ensure no irritation or other skin conditions.

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